Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Another 5 Star Review on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic historical fiction! March 25, 2013
By mariey
Michael Hickland's 'The Guardian of Genghis Khan's Tomb' is an absolutely amazing work of historical fiction. For me, this book delivered in every way. The story begins by giving the premise of Genghis Khan and his acquisition of treasure and proceeds to give a short lead in to the present situation. Kate Barrows travels from England funded by Drew Moss of the US to Mongolia in search of ancient bones. Instead, she finds the discovery of a life time in that of the tomb of the great Genghis Khan. The task won't be a simple one though because Russia and China are set on getting the treasure. With these 3 major world powers after a single goal, it leads to a fast paced non-stop action thriller that I absolutely loved. With all the action, adventure, plot twists, and even a bit of romance, this books ranks as my favorite among historical fiction. With Michael's writing style, you can't help but be drawn into this journey from the very first paragraph and your curiosity won't be satiated until you get to an impeccable ending.

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