Thursday, 25 April 2013

New Five Star Goodreads Review

Leigh Dusol
I just purchased this great new e novel about the most immense treasure ever seen_The Guardian of Genghis Khans tomb has just been released for sale by Amazon. On an expedition to a remote Asian river valley a lovely English paleontologist's discovers a buried item that personally belonged to Genghis Khan. The find starts a race between Russia, China and the United States to find that grave. The young scientist and her handsome American sponsor attempt to head off any conflict , The Guardian of Genghis Khan's tomb is sworn to protect the burial site and the enormous treasure . With both Russian and Chinese armies at the borders poised to invade, will his beloved nation a fledgling democracy be overrun and will a major war among superpowers break out? You must read this thrilling book to find out. Unable to sleep after opening the book, I had to find out what happened. I did three hours later. I highly recommend Michael B. Hicklands The guardian of Genghis Khans Tomb!(less)

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